What actually happened to The KLF ?

With tracks like “3 a.m. Eternal” they brought electronic music into my youth.
At the end of the group’s career in 1994 they burnt 1 million british pounds!! You can see this in the documentary “Watch the K Foundation burn a Million Quid” which is online on Chaosradio.

James Cauty, one part of the Duo is now regularly causing a stir with his works as an artist or anti-artist. For example because of printing his own stamps with the gas-masked Queen, or showing us the Splatter that Warner Brothers never did. There is still a lawsuit going on with the British Royal Mail because of his self-designed stamps.

Stamp of the British Queen with a gas-mask on
Source: www.mindfully.org

Source: www.jcautyandson.com


New work from Spike Jonze – “I’m here”

Just came across a new movie by Spike Jonze in collaboration with Absolut Vodka. Here is the trailer for this robot love story:

You can watch the whole movie here: www.imheremovie.com


Procrastination, the word that recently gained a lot of attention due to finding an explanation for people, who do not want to say “I got distracted by the internet”. What it exactly means, is explained in a beautiful animation by Johnny Kelly.

Build your own Google Street View Car

Recently following several interesting links I often end up at the site from the guys from F.A.T. (Free Art & Technology). This time I saw I brilliant video how they built their own Google Street View Car and drove around Berlin. You can read their whole post here.

F.A.T. Lab: Fuck Google Week Wrap Up from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

Tetris – From Russia with Love

The story of Tetris available on Google Video.

Also an old german television commercial for the Gameboy.

Found on the weblog from Tamio Patrick Honma. There you will also find a nice collection of other Tetris-related videos. Worth visiting!

Paper Record Player

Fully working record player made out of paper!
Made by artist/designer Simon Elvins. Check it out on his site here.
Paper record player by Simon Elvins

Masters of Glass Music

Robert Tiso plays on glass harp (musical glasses) the dance of the sugar plum fairy by P.Tchaikowsky from the Nutcracker suit.

And here another one:
Some guy playing the Star Wars Theme!

think you might also get him playing on your wedding.